Unisex Tee


Unisex Tee


Show your GH love with a stylin' band shirt, and show your pride for women is music. Made from soft, high-quality cotton, so you can wear it over and over and over...and over.


As some of you already know, our dear band leader, singer and bassist Jason was recently diagnosed with cancer (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma). He's been the light and the artistic engine behind this whole project, and it's been so hard to watch him go through this tough time and try to find the best way to support him as friends and bandmates.

We're happy to say that he's got a great prognosis--but he's got months of chemotherapy ahead of him, and is currently buried in medical bills.  Right now Jason is struggling to stay afloat financially, and he needs our support in order to keep himself, and Great Highway going.

Real talk: We're a local band with limited funds. Our money either comes from gigs, merch sales, or right out of our own pocket. We almost never spend any of our band money on personal things, it literally all goes straight back into our gear or recording funds so we can keep making awesome music for our fans.

That's why we're asking you to buy a Great Highway shirt! Jason asked that 50% of the proceeds go to his chemo bills, and 50% go to funding the project that is his baby. Buy a shirt now, and you'll be saying "Yay, Great Highway" and "Boo, cancer!"

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