Limited Edition 12" Vinyl LP

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Limited Edition 12" Vinyl LP

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Great Highway’s ‘RISE' 12" vinyl LP includes:

  • (2) 12-inch discs

  • a full color jacket with beautiful photography on the front and back

  • an insert with lyrics and credits

The album was recorded and produced by the band in our studio, with additional mixing by McKay Garner, and mastering by Piper Payne of Neato Mastering.

Due to the costly nature of limited quantity vinyl pressings, we are offering 3 price tiers to make the album as accessible as possible. Please choose what you’d like to pay below. The record will be delivered in June or July of 2018.

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About the album:

The collection of songs on RISE began with Great Highway’s ambition to grow and stretch as a self-produced electronic band. After the release of their 2014 synth pop album Industrial Love Scene, the five-piece group wrote material that would challenge them to explore new studio techniques such as innovative vocal and percussive sampling, eclectic new influences from genres like electro swing, chillwave and even progressive house influences, and analogue additions of lush layers of violin and saxophone. In 2017, the project gained extra meaning when lead singer Jason Hunter was diagnosed with cancer. The band doubled down on the project as a way to find focus and artistic release during dark times. 

Jason wrote the title song about his battle with cancer, as well as the wounds of the world during a toxic political and social landscape. The rest of the album enhanced these themes; from Winter Snow, a ballad about the long road to heal a broken heart; to With You Better and Lenses, odes to how love can help recapture your better nature when you've lost your way; to Fault, about the contemporary struggle to fight racial oppression and social apathy. RISE explores the struggle to break through painful circumstances, fight old patterns, and find enlightenment.