5/26/18 - Ending at the start.

It's that time. The album is launching this coming week. Our big show is happening next Saturday, June 2nd at the beautiful Neck of the Woods music club in San Francisco. We'll be playing every song on the album, front to back in order. We'll be partying, and celebrating, singing songs and schmoozing with friends, family, fans, and fellow Bay Area musicians.

If you've been following along, you know that my biggest cancer battle yet is ahead of me. I've gone into remission, but in order to keep the cancer away forever this time, I'll be going in for a stem cell transplant starting the week after our big show. The recovery is expected to take a couple months, so I'll be home-bound through August. But I'll have my home studio here with me, and I have a tentative plan to write some songs and sing some covers. I'm interested to see what comes out of a couple months of intensive home studio time, and perhaps even release a solo album recorded in a short span. 

I'm posting here the final pre-album-release track, another example of an early demo fading in to a final song, to show you all the wonderful things that this group is capable of when we put our heads together. This song, the first on our album, started as a very simple 2-line synth keyboard with a primary vocal track and a couple backing harmonies, done rough-and-tumble in the studio alone by Sarah in a single afternoon. From there, the band added more backing vocals, driving electric guitar, 80s-style sample percussion, rhythmic violin layers, and a pumping bass line. It's a work we're very proud of, and I'm proud to show it to you in both its earliest and final form.

Enjoy, my friends and fans. Thank you for listening, for reading, and for being part of this album's amazing journey. See you on Saturday, and beyond.

Signing off,