5/10/18 - finishing touches.

The album's almost finished now, and we've received draft 1 of what's known as the "master" from our engineer Piper Payne. 

At this stage of a record, it's all about those tiny little tweaks that take it to perfection. What you're hearing above could basically be the finished product, but we'll still ask for tiny little changes, like bumping up the overall volume just a tad, tamping down some of the high end on treble-y instrumentation like the violin and saxophone, and smoothing out the sound overall. But in spite of all these little sprinkles of perfection yet to be made, the album is essentially finished.

This song, which we've played live but never shared in recorded form, is a pure unabashed love song, albeit with a dsah of the troubled mood that permeates the whole record. More than anything, it's a poem about the way that love can survive the hardest of times, and the way that survival sometimes depends on love. We really enjoyed playing in some weird wild audio spaces with this one, including incorporating some innovative vocal sampling, ghost compressed synth, and other witch house-y FX. It's one of the album's flagship songs, and in these final days of preparation, I'm proud to present it to you in rough draft master form.