3/13/18 - Let's pause in the garden.

These are some pretty tough days, but today was a reminder that sometimes, good times can still be found, at least in the music.

At a recent mixing session, we polished off the beautiful, dramatic ending you hear above, to Sarah's new song Winter Snow. In this climactic outro, Sarah repeats the final chorus phrase with power harmonies behind her, accompanied by driving violin and guitar. It's a musical moment that fulfills one of my own secret nagging desires: to write a bittersweet, string-intensive lush "English garden" of sound a la Penny Lane or Strawberry Fields. 

When the track is fully produced, this section will be accompanied by extra FX and an array of electronic drums which will give it that signature dance beat that is a trademark of all new Great Highway songs. But I wanted you all to hear it stripped down, without the effects and percussion, so you could enjoy this lush little forest of sound that the group created in the studio. 

Vocal Solo & Song by Sarah; Strings by Makiko; Guitar by Sean; Drum Pads by Meredith; Synths & Production by me; Harmonies by Meredith, Makiko and me.