3/7/18 - Starting with the end.

The above track is the first of many tidbits of music I'll share on this space, as the band works hard in the studio to produce our upcoming album. This particular bit represents a new take on an album ending we're working on. Most of our past records have gone out with a bang, usually with some vocal opus or a rockin' good time. But Rise is a softer, deeper record. We talked about the need to append an outro to our record that summarizes our feelings - the melancholy, the heartbreak of 2017-18. It is a musical tribute to our personal struggles with cancer, the dark state of politics in the country, the sad state of affairs in the world. 

It's very hard to write lyrics about these things - I try to in the titular final track, which I'll share with you in a future blog entry. But in the end, the band agreed that what we needed was something instrumental. That's a challenge for us because we're lyric people, and we're used to expressing ourselves through words as well as music. But sometimes, in our darkest hours, words can't do justice to the feeling. 

Take a listen to the outro of Rise - designed to be appended to the tenth and final track. It's a five-piece instrumental ensemble, the first we've ever done, featuring Meredith on cymbals, Makiko on violin, Sean on guitar, Sarah on piano and myself on the saxophone. No synth, no electronic drum samples. Just us, raw and unplugged.