3/31/18 - Two Lenses.

Meredith and I are hard at work in the studio, making progress on her uptempo edgy dance-y track "Lenses." We've been performing this song for a year or so using some pretty 808-y old-school tinker-toy samples in the backing track, and I told her this past weekend I really wanted to up the percussive game on the song for our upcoming album. 

What you're hearing above is an A/B test; the first 1:40 is the original presentation of the song, the way it sounds live. After the 1:40 fade-out you'll hear the revamped overhauled track. I think the percussion and bass has great new energy with these new samples. It's amazing how much this stuff can change a song, even when the lyrics and melody don't change. Take a listen and let me know what you think! 

Almost done with this crazy whirlwind album...