3/19/18 - The Stomp.

This past week I met with McKay Garner, who is providing additional mixing and audio consultation for Rise. Our goal? To finish an album version of Great Highway's most popular single to-date, The Chase. 

This final version of the song, which adds live saxophone and new percussive and bass elements, is the culmination of a long fun story. As many of you know, The Chase was turned into our very first professionally-filmed music video, shot at the famous Bergerac bar in the SOMA district of San Francisco. (You can watch the awesomeness here.)

What you may not know is, before the original single was released and the music video produced, The Chase was just a scrappy 2 1/2 minute instrumental I created in the studio using old jazz samples pasted over hot hard EDM percussion. At various times I called it "The Stomp" (because it had such a stomp-y upbeat movement to the drums), then "The Sky Stomp" when I added one of Sky's favorite Gramatik samples to the end, and then "The Great Highway Stomp" when it was time to present it to the group. I played it as an instrumental to everyone, to see if the group was interested in this new EDM / swing fusion sound. 

Once there was enough interest from the members in giving it a shot, I wrote some upbeat swing-y lyrics with a lot of catchy slang from the '40s. Sarah took a shot at a 2nd draft in which she toned down the slang and silliness and made it edgier. And then we began to add all our signature elements - guitar, violin, live synth, stage sampling. Now it's one of our best songs of all-time, and I'm really proud of it.

Take a listen above to the beginning, the very first instrumental version of The Chase from 2016. Don't forget to get outcha dancin' shoes! Stomp away, my friends.