3/1/18 - It's not just a cheesy line.

Rise is truly an album made from pain.

When I started my electropop group Great Highway in 2012, it was essentially a recording / studio project. None of us knew how to book shows or market records, so we hung around my old apartment in the Mission District, San Francisco and layered synth and guitar tracks over programmed drums. Each year we released a full-length album, from 2012's Good Morning to 2015's Industrial Love Scene, and then we stopped.

We started playing big clubs in the city like Rickshaw Stop and Bottom of the Hill and getting offers to book festivals like this year's upcoming South by Southwest in Austin, TX. 

Then last year, I got sick for the first time. And amid the worst throes of my first fight with Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer, I decided along with my bandmates to start producing our first record in 3 years.

It will be released this Spring, amid the worst of my 2nd fight against cancer. Compared to our earlier records, it is a gritty, deep, immersive soundscape, with new live violin and saxophone, and new raw yet synthetic effects.

I want it to be my opus. My triumph.

And if things should truly go south this year...I want it to be my legacy.

Join me as I trace the development of this upcoming record in and out of the studio. Check back here regularly to get the latest updates and hear demos as we draw closer to the big release.

Look for a first entry soon.